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Pet Policy

Cats or other animals will not be permitted in, upon, or about the building without prior permission. Please call the office at 725-5757 for information about permission. When permission is given, the rules regarding pets (listed below) must be observed. You don’t want to be bothered by anyone else’s pet, and no one wants to be disturbed by yours. There is no additional monthly pet rent fee, although we will require immediate payment for any damages caused by your pet, and may ask you to find another home for your pet. Please review our pet rules below.

Absolutely NO DOGS are allowed in, on, or about the premises of a Byron Company building, even to visit. Dogsitting at any time is NOT acceptable for any reason.

Pet Rules
1. Pet must be 100% indoor.
2. Pet must be spayed or neutered.
3. Pet must not destruct the property.
4. Pet must not be noisy.
5. Pet litter box must be kept clean.
6. Pet (other than a cat) must be 100% caged unless handling/petting.
7. You are responsible for any damages.
8. We may ask you to find another home for your pet if it falls outside of these guidelines.

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