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Noise and Smoke Policy

BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR – Apartment living requires courtesy and consideration at all times. Your neighbor might need study time or have a different sleeping schedule from yours. You don’t want to be disturbed by their noise and they don’t want to be disturbed by yours. That’s why there are noise provisions in the lease, some of which are listed below. We treat smoke disturbances much the same way we deal with noise problems–SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN THE BUILDING AND ON THE PROPERTY.

Number 1: Rules & Regulations: “Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the apartments, the building common areas and anywhere on the property. Smoking means inhaling, exhaling, breathing or carrying any lighted cigar, cigarette, or other tobacco product or similar lighted product in any form. This includes tenants and their guests.”

Number 9: Rules & Regulations: “Lessee, Lessee’s family, employees and guests will conduct themselves in an orderly and lawful manner so as not to create any nuisance nor to interfere with, annoy, or disturb other tenants, neighbors, or Lessor in the management of the Apartment.”

Number 13: Prohibitions: “Lessee shall not…create sounds or permit loud or unusual noises, which carry outside the immediate Lessee’s apartment…[which] will annoy, obstruct or interfere with the peaceful occupancy by other resident(s), or inhabitants of the neighborhood…”

Number 5 Under the Rules & Regulations Section: “Profane, obscene, loud or boisterous language, or unseemly behavior and conduct is absolutely prohibited…” Note that loud talking, etc., sounds even louder in halls and late at night.

Number 7 Under the Rules & Regulations Section:
 “All musical instruments, hi-fi equipment, radios, T.V.’s, etc., shall have the volume limited to a level which will not be heard outside of the immediate confines of the apartment unit you occupy.” Absolutely no drums.

We have a no parties policy. This does not mean you can’t have friends over for dinner or just to socialize. It does mean that those occasions should be with small groups of people and monitored for consideration of all residents of your building. You should go to a more appropriate facility for large gatherings and/or parties.

Don’t congregate or lounge in halls, entrances, or stairs.

Don’t be a “door slammer.” If your door does not close properly, let us know so it can be fixed.

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