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Moving out Procedures

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for living with us. We hope you enjoyed the experience of calling one of our apartments your home.

All of our leases end July 31st. Under a lease, you must turn in a NOTICE OF NONRENEWAL FORM at least 30 days before your July 31st termination date, to keep your existing lease from automatically renewing for another year. All terms of your lease must be met. In the event that you have to move before your lease expires, please see the Leaving Early Options page under Info for Residents.

When you vacate your unit, we do expect you to leave the apartment as clean as when you came. Please lock all windows and doors on your last day and drop off the keys to our office. Please make sure the keys are identified as belonging to your apartment before dropping them off, especially if you are putting them through the mail slot in our office front door. Once we receive your keys we will come and make the move-out inspection.

PLEASE MOVE OUT ONLY THROUGH THE REAR ENTRANCE OF THE BUILDING AS IS REQUIRED BY YOUR LEASE. We try to keep our front halls looking nice and moving out the back really does help.

Please arrange moves between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM only. This will greatly reduce congestion and inconvenience to your neighbors. (Also, please notify your movers in advance of this policy.)

Also, you should contact all utilities which are NOT included in your rent and notify them of your move-out date.

*Please note: You can NOT shut off utilities between November 1st and March 31st (If we have a sudden freeze it could break water pipes if the heat is turned off).

Spire Gas Company call 314-621-6960

Ameren UE call 314-342-1000

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