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Maintenance Request

It is our sincere desire to make your new home as comfortable as possible. Maintenance requests can be made in writing and sent in with your rent or you can call the office to report a maintenance issue. If no one is available to take your call, you can leave a voicemail message. Give as much information as you can to CLEARLY describe the problem. Be sure to leave your name, address, apartment number and phone number. We usually make non-emergency repairs the next work day.

You can also fill out the form on the right to submit a non-emergency maintenance request. We usually check online maintenance requests once a day, typically in the morning. We may have other orders ahead of yours, but you can be sure your request will be handled as promptly as possible.

In an EMERGENCY call the office immediately and activate the emergency phone messaging system. Again, be sure you give your name, address, apartment number and phone number in addition to a complete report of the problem. Emergencies will be taken care of immediately. Other problems will be corrected as soon as possible (usually next day).

What is an emergency?
Water leakage is an emergency. It not only affects your apartment but your neighbor’s as well. Examples of emergencies: toilet overflowing, kitchen sink backing up and overflowing or bathtub overflowing. If this happens, please try to get water off the floors by using towels to wipe it up and putting a bucket down to catch drips where possible. Call the office immediately and if you get our voicemail then activate the emergency phone messaging system. Slow draining is NOT an emergency but please submit a maintenance request after you have checked for hair or other items covering your drain.

Electrical emergencies are also serious. Examples of emergencies: refrigerator not working or any sparks you may see coming from an outlet or switch. If sparks are seen DO NOT use or try to unplug any appliance. Note that if you plug an appliance into an electrical outlet when the appliance is turned on you may get a small spark at the outlet. This is not serious but you should call us anyway if you have any questions.

Door lock malfunctions are an emergency only if you cannot lock your door. Being locked out of your apartment due to loss of your keys is an emergency, but may also require significant time if after normal business hours. When you are locked out, please call the office and a staff person will assist you (or leave an emergency message if not during business hours). A maintenance person will then call you back quickly.

Heating/Cooling is considered an emergency on a case by case basis. For optimal performance of heating and cooling, please make sure your storm windows are closed.

If you smell gas call our office immediately. The pilot light on your stove probably needs to be lit.

Smoke detectors are for your safety. Please do not remove them or their batteries under any circumstances. If a problem exists, submit a maintenance request.

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