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Mantenance Request

It is our sincere desire to make your new home as comfortable as possible. Maintenance requests can be made in writing and sent in with your rent or you can call the office to report a maintenance issue. If no one is available to take your call, you can leave a voicemail message. Give as much information as you can to CLEARLY describe the problem. Be sure to leave your name, address, apartment number and phone number. We usually make non-emergency repairs the next work day.

You can also click on the link below to submit a non-emergency maintenance request. We usually check online maintenance requests once a day, typically in the morning. We may have other orders ahead of yours, but you can be sure your request will be handled as promptly as possible.

In an EMERGENCY call the office immediately and activate the emergency phone messaging system. Again, be sure you give your name, address, apartment number and phone number in addition to a complete report of the problem. Emergencies will be taken care of immediately. Other problems will be corrected as soon as possible (usually next day).

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