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Apartments with all Utilities Included

IT IS NECESSARY TO BE AS ECONOMICAL AS POSSIBLE IN OPERATING YOUR A/C AND OTHER APPLIANCES. Your rent includes average, economical use of your air conditioner and appliances. Please close all storm windows, as well as the prime windows, when operating your A/C.

RADIATOR TURN-OFF VALVES SHOULD ONLY BE USED TO TURN THE RADIATORS PERMANENTLY ON OR OFF (THE VALVES DO NOT REGULATE TEMPERATURE). All radiators valves should be left permanently “ON” to allow steam in the radiator when the building boiler is operating. If a radiator must be turned off, turn the valve all the way clockwise, or to turn the radiator on, turn the valve all the way counterclockwise. DO NOT LEAVE THE VALVE IN BETWEEN. If the valve is not turned all the way off, or all the way on, the radiator will fill with water and leak, causing extensive and expensive damage that will be charged to you.

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